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tv   Senator Hatch on Supreme Court Nomination  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 9:44pm-9:52pm EDT

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senators that he belongs on the supreme court and in that event, the answer is not to permanently change the rules and traditions of the senate. the answer is to change the nominee and do what president clinton and president obama did before they nominated the other people, consult the other party so that there will be some semblance of bipartisanship. the majority is trying to make this a choice confirms gorsuch or change the rules. not so.n' the idea that if he can't get 60 we must imitate the week immediately move to change the rule is a false narrative. if the majority chooses to go that route, they do so at their own volition. no one is forcing them to do so except maybe they heritage foun founda and groups like the
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federalist society. >> i've been interested in the minority leader's comments and this morning i've had regard for them. we've worked together on a wide variety of issues, but i have ti say he is leading a party righte now that is doing completely the opposite of what democrats haver done in the past when republicans have had the privilege of pointing people to the court, and frankly, it's become kind of a war that we really don't need.s and something that literally i think it's demeaning to the senate and to this country. i venture to say that it would be very difficult for anybody to find a better nominee for the supreme court than gorsuch.
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and i can't say that they heritage foundation was the one that carried the weight with regards to this choice of neil gorsuch. the federalist society did weigh in very heavily, and there were a lot of absolutely top judges and lawyers who are on his listm and would have a difficult time other than on a partisan basis. we've heard democrats say they lost but election. keep in mind the current majority leader was saying that we just were going to go with a supreme court justice during an intensely hard-foughtd presidential year and in this
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century, that has been the role. now the majority leader knows that it was very likely in the eyes of almost every pollster that hillary clinton would win and even though he and i believe that nominee was a reasonable moderate democrat, if she were elected she would not pick him and we were working on trying to find a way so she would have to pick him rather than another totally left-wing person for the court.rats, unfortunately, donald trump proved to be a formidable candidate and one not election.
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and interestingly enough as is his right as president, nominated neil gorsuch for the united states supreme court. i would venture to say that it would be difficult to find any candidate for the supreme court in this century any better than neil gorsuch. democrat or republican. he can apply the law as written when he conjures up the idea of what it should be. he's not going to do that. he's going to apply the law as written and he did that with the circuit court of appeals judge. you would be hard-pressed to find a better qualified person for the supreme court and gorsuch so what is all the whining about?
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they lost the election and knew this was going to be a big deal. the republicans would have to pretty much go along with whoever they chose. the president trump won the election and in this case, pick the most qualified person in the country for the course.e yes, he's conservative, yes he came up the hard way and is not likely to be a liberal on the court, but i have to say anybody that this president would choose would be likely to be a liberal on the court and in this case the president chose one of the
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leading people in the country, one of the greatest lawyers in the country, one of the finestho judges in this country who has a record of working with democrats on the bench to become his choice for the united states supreme court. i know what's wrong with the democrats on this. they lost, and it's a hard thing for them and i don't blame them. they were so sure that theyy t would control this nominee to the supreme court and probably two to five more if hillary clinton had been elected. but that isn't the way the american people chose to vote. i have to say that i commended the american people for realizing that these things are really important. and i have to say in that last s
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election, probably the single most important issue that drove it towards donald trump was is going to pick the justices to the united states supreme court. republicans know, and president trump knows he's not going to be able to put any laws on the court and neil gorsuch is anything but an ideologue. he is as fine a judge as we have in this country albeit conservative in nature. he has an academic background as anybody on the court after and he's a terrific human being and on top of all of that a good husband and father, terrific judge on that circuit court of appeals. to be honest with you i thought that it was nice to havetern


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